Moonfleet of Kinson

Our organisation was set up in April of 2003.  It was founded by Rod & Jackie Haskell, who have been very involved in the local Bournemouth  and Dorset community since the 1970`s.

Rod has served in many capacities locally both in local government, school governorship at Kinson Primary School for 27 years, the Kinson Historical Society, and in conservation , supporting management groups involved in the Kinson Common since the late 70`s.
Jackie has been an active member of the Kinson Playgroup and has served as Chairperson of that long standing  organisation. At  present she continues to serve as a committee member, passing on her considerable
knowledge and experiences gained within the local community of Kinson. She also has a deep and long interest in local history and conservation in the Kinson area.
Having been actively involved in conservation, researching local history, recording natural history, and more recently, astronomy, a decision was taken to put all this information and knowledge gained onto the World Wide Web with the express purpose of reaching a wider audience in Bournemouth, Dorset and further afield.
In addition to this, Moonfleet of Kinson enjoys person-to-person contact on monthly Greenlink walks. These walks are designed to be fun, informative and encourage all sections of the community to take an interest in where they live. They also enjoy giving illustrated talks to local groups and societies.
During the setting up process of Moonfleet of Kinson, liaison took place with Bournemouth Borough Council, Greenlink and others. Our organisation is fully recognised as a local voluntary organisation and all walks we undertake are properly insured to the Borough`s requirements and meet their health & safety assessments. In addition to this, we also record natural history and undertake an annual orchid survey for the Borough
on a voluntary basis.
Having a family and 3 grand-children, we are totally committed to building those all important links and little bridges with our younger citizens. Already  this year, approved activities have been undertaken with the Guides and the Youth Outreach project. We are happy that all our activities are carefully vetted, approved and fully sanctioned by the appropriate bodies.

We are essentially a community orientated educationally based local organisation which is committed to sharing our genuine love and interest in an older and more modern Kinson. We are entirely self-funded and also appreciate donations received from the local community.
We are pleased to be closely associated with Mr. Dave Fish, who also desired to set up a website which would give the Kinson Common Local Nature Reserve,a new dimension by drawing its attention to a wider audience on the World WideWeb.

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